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Happiness And Anxiety: The Effects Of Homework On Students


Homework is a tradition that has been in existence for a long period of time. However, it has proven to be a challenge for most students. With teachers getting overwhelmed over a curriculum that is already glutted and pressure that is as a result of the standardized tests, they are left with no option but to give out assignments.
While many people are still in favor of the practice, there are many teachers and parents who are beginning to question this old practice. This is as a result of the absurdly heavy backpacks that students have to carry and the stress and anxiety that arises as result of the work overload.

Happiness associated with assignments

There are people who still believe that assignments play a good role in the academic success of a student. Many educators do not want to recommend its elimination. This is partly due to tradition as assignments have been given to students for over 100 years. There are also arguments that schools have a role to extend learning to beyond the classroom. Many who subscribe to this believe says that teachers have a role to continue molding students even outside the classroom.
There are also arguments that when students engage in intellectual activity, these will be more valuable as compared to other activities that are nonintellectual. They say that intellectual development plays a major role as compared to the physical, emotional and social activities. Other arguments state that when students have too much free time, they may engage in activities that are harmful.
There are also arguments that when students do the work, they tend to become more disciplined and responsible. While no studies have been conducted to support this belief, it is clear that obedience amounts to responsibility. If a child fails to do their homework, this is a sign that they could become irresponsible later on in life. Therefore, assignments can be used to teach students to be more responsible. It also helps to teach students time management

Anxiety associated with assignments

Those who are against it believe that it is a source of anxiety for many students. The workload from different teachers also leaves the students with little or no free time. This is despite the old saying that “all work with no play leaves Jack a dull boy”. When students are bombarded with a lot of work, they are left stressed and this may affect their learning.

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